IsIk Kural


Queen City Sounds and Art :

“The Childish Tendency to Speak of Events as Coincidences” is Isik Kural’s Environmental Ambient Evocation of the Landscape Taking Shape as the World Wakes Up With the Dawn

Isik Kural’s enigmatically titled “The Childish Tendency to Speak of Events as Coincidences” begins with a gentle oscillating tone that increases in volume slowly before its intertwining layers vividly manifest, like an object in the distance before dawn, illuminated to reveal itself as more than another shadow of the skyline. The tone fades into melodic drones punctuated by higher pitches and textural sounds like glasses struck slightly nearly out of hearing. Toward the later middle part of the song these abstractions solidify some with what sounds like a piano figure heard from a building on another floor of a building drifting in through the window as birds greet the sun edging higher in the sky, its golden strands expressed as bright, streaming tones and a breeze through branches as white noise. Less a song than the evocation of an environment expressed through sonic analogues of that experience, the track is a great example of how music, imaginatively conceived and executed, can convey a sense of time and place better than words and visual representations alone.

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musicjo :

This is one exotic album by Isik Kural, who seems to hop back and forth between Scotland and Turkey. The album is one part Turkish and one part English. It consists of 10 tracks. I found each track on the album very unique in terms of production and vocals, although one can sense influences of dream pop and ambient music. Lorca’s Olives and Sleeplorn are recommended tracks. ‘iyi degilim, iyi olmayacagim, iyi olmayin’ has a brilliant cacophony of natural, environmental and everyday sounds. The album Cover Art of As Flurries by Luigi Falagario is simply brilliant.
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la Fessee Musicale :

Place à une ballade des plus douces. Isik Kural nous transporte dans un rêve doux avec son titre Lorca’s Olives. Les différentes couches de synthés et les voix chuchotées nous bercent jusqu’à la fin du morceau, où assoupis au pied d’un olivier, on se fait réveiller par l’impact de ce petit fruit sur la tête. L’EP onirique ‘As Flurries’ vient de sortir, histoire de faire durer le rêve un peu plus longtemps…
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